Lucilux dimmable e-ballast 600 Watt

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  • 4 positions, 250, 400, 600 en 660Watt
  • Soft start technique
  • Silent operation
  • Lightweight
  • Less heat
  • RF shielded
  • Runs both Sodium and Metal Halide lamps
  • Low start up current
  • Cables and plug included
  • I=2,9A
  • U out=300V

Lucilux dimmable e-ballast

A plant needs different light levels during it’s life. Less when it is still young and more when it gets older. The Lucilux dimmable e-ballast allows you the switch manually between 4 different light levels. This way you safe energy and prevent unnecessary heat build up.
The dim function enables you to run a 600 Watt lamp at 250, 400, 600 Watt. With its “boost”function you can run the same lamp at 660 Watt. Ideal for the final fase of the flowering fase. The perfect ballast for start up, vegging and flowering.

Have your Bonanza grow cabinet equiped with a Lucilux dimmable e-ballast.

All our Wing cabinets are standard fitted with dimmable e-ballasts. For only 90,00 euro we exchange the standard Eurogear pro ballast for a Lucilux dimmable e-ballast in your Bonanza grow cabinet.
Send us an email with your wishes.

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