G-tools tafel 2x1=bodem
verstelbare voet

Grow table 800 Wing


Size:170 x 73cm


  • aluminium profiles 25 x 25 x 2,
  • plastic G-tools insert connectors,
  • plastic adjustable feet.

Load bearing capacity:

  • 200 kg

Sturdy aluminium grow table to be used in combination with a Danish tray 1,7 x 0,73mtr.

G-tools grow table

Sturdy aluminum grow table for use with a Danish tray 1,7 x 0,73mtr. The table comes in a handy package and is easy to transport and store. Easy to set up and break down in 10 minutes. No tools required.

The solid grow table is put together in a snap with 25 x 25 mm square aluminum tube sections and tools Gconnectors. The table has a load capacity of 200 kg.

G-Tools grow table; ideal for Danish trays

The tables are ideal for use in combination with a Danish tray. With the G-Tools grow table 1,7 x 0,73mtr and a Danish tray you create a safe growing surface at comfortable working height. Growing on a table has many advantages: it is clean, safe and also good for your back. Because the Danish trays lie on a table, the water discharge points can be interconnected with each other. So also very useful when you work with multiple tables.


Weight5 kg
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