Irrigation System


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This fully automatic irrigation system is simple and effective and can be used in two ways. As eb & flow- or drip irrigation system.

Consists of:
Drip Tray: (l x w x h) 55 x 55 x 4cm
Place for: 4 x 6 liter or 8 x 11 liter pots
Aluminium Table: 46 x 46 x 38cm
Nutrient tank: (l x w x h) 46 x 30 x 26, 21 liter
Feed pump: Aquaking HX 2500
Circulation pump: Aquaking HX 2500
Drippers: 2 x 4 armed octopus
Length of arms: 80cm
Timer: Digitale TBT  Timer
Suitable for: G-Tools Bonanza 0,35-m2

Weight20 kg