Bonanza-Prep-Dry-nr2-570x570 (1)

Bonanza Prep & Dry pre grow and dry cabinet (0,35m2)


Size (h x w x d): 176 x 61 x 61cm
PVC/XPS/PVC sandwich panels
Surface ~0,35m2, space for 9 x 6,5 ltr pots, 4 x 11 ltr pots
Ventilation: Winflex 185M3 per hour, including silencer.
Filter: Prima Klima K2600 mini 240M3
Light: PK Starlight 2 x 55Watt
Timer: Legrand Omnirex
Warranty: 1 year on all technical parts


Pre grow and drying cabinet in one


With the Bonanza Prep & Dry you can save on prep time.
The layout of this grow cabinet is the same as all our 0,35m2 Bonanza cabinets. The same Winflex extractor with carbon filter and sound diffuser and the same timer for switching your lights on/off. Instead of using a standard grow/flower lighting system the cabinet has been with fitted  PK Starlight. The Starlight has 2x 55W lamps with a colour spectrum of 400 Kelvin. It is the perfect light spectrum for just sprouted seeds and for plants in the growing phase. Therefore the Prep & Dry is ideal for sprouting seeds and pre-growing your plants.


The Prep & Dry is delivered with a drying net. The round drying net has 6 levels where you can dry your harvest. Thus making the Prep & Dry the perfect drying cabinet. The extractor and carbon filter ensures that you have good air circulation and removes any unwanted scents leaving your cabinet. Because no indirect light comes into the cabinet you can dry and cure your harvest perfectly. Therefore to convert the Prep & Dry into a drying cabinet you simply have to remove the Starlight and hang the drying net.

Many people pre grow their plants, flower and dry the harvest all-in-one cabinet. This is time-consuming because pre-growing can take around 10 days and another 10 days for drying. When using the Prep & Dry you save around 20 days with the pre grow and drying both taking place in the Prep & Dry. If you add that up in a year you could squeeze in another harvest by using your main cabinet for just flowering your plant and using the Prep & Dry for all your pre grow and drying of your harvest.

Weight25 kg
Dimensions61 x 61 x 119 cm