G-kit Combi grow box empty


Picture: G-kit 400 combi.


Motherplant, cloning and flowering in 1 cabinet.

This is the empty version of the G-kit 400 Combi.

This combi grow box has 3 different compartments. The mother plant compartment (nr.1) is connected by a system of tubes to the flowering compartment (nr.3).The air is drawn through these tubes into compartment nr.3 where an extractor fan should be mounted.The fresh air is drawn in to compartment nr.1 through an air vent connecting compartment 1 with compartment 2. The fresh air for compartment 2 is drawn in from outside the cabinet. This way the air in compartment 1,2 and 3 is continously being refreshed without light shining from one compartment in to another
1. Mother plant compartment  (h x w x d):120 x 78 x 35.

2. Clone compartment  (h x w x d): 48 x 78 x 35. Here you root the clones cut from the motherplant in compartment 1.

3. Flower compartment  (h x w x d)176 x 78 x 78. Here the rooted clones can grow and flower.

The cabinet has a 125 mm hole incl. air vent in the ceiling of compartment nr.3 for mounting an extractor fan.

Weight42 kg
Dimensions118 x 78 x 176 cm
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