Sprouter 2.0


 dimensions: 186 X 68 X 48cm
lighting: 2 x LED strip, 4000K, 12V, 36W
Ventilation – Prima Klima

Grow tray: 4 x tray 52 x 52 x 4 cm
Water tank: 21 liter
Irrigation pump: Aquaking HX 4500
Cirkulation pump: Aquaking HX 2500
Inc.: 50 x kweekbak en 5 meter cellulose kweekmat
Tijdklok verlichting: Legrand Omnirex
Tijdklok irrigatiesysteem: TBT digitale tijdklok



Because of their beautiful colours and appearance sprouts and microgreens are often used to garnish plates, sandwiches and salads.
By sprouts we mean germinated vegetable seeds. The best known sprouts are alfalfa, bean sprout and watercress. All the flavour and nutrients of the grown plant are bundled inside the sprout. This is what makes them true flavour sensations and vitamin bombs.
Microgreens are one stage further in life. The plants already have roots, produce chlorofyl and are a lot bigger. The best known micro greens are pea shoots, ruccola and sunflower. Microgreens as well as sprouts are very easy to grow inside this cabinet. But also a super food like wheat grass can be grown inside the Sprouter.

Simple and fully automatic

The Sprouter is equiped with energy efficient led grow lights and has it’s own ventilation and watering system. In a free downloadable app the timer of the lights and the watering moments are set once. After sowing the seeds in the supplied grow containers you only need to keep the water reservoir filled. The rest is done by itself.
Working with the Sprouter will not take more than 1 or 2 hours of your time per week.

Clean and 100% biological

Growing itself is done on supplied wood fibre growing pieces. The main characteristic of these organic certified mats is that they hold a lot of water. This prevents the seeds from drying out between each watering moment. After use they can be thrown on the compost heap.

















Weight55 kg
Dimensions60 x 40 x 176 cm