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Size (h x b x d): 164 x 69 x 48 cm
Space for: 2 x 11 liter pot in the mother compartment and 126 clones in the cloning compartment
Ventilator: Winflex- 185M3 built into insulated air ducting
Filter: Prima Klima K2600 240m3
Lighting mother compartment: Prima Klima Starlight 2 x 55W
Lamps: PL-L 865-55W, luminous flux: 4500 Im, 4000K
Lighting Cloning compartment: 2 x Holight T5, 14W, colour 840
Propagator: Root it 58 x 37 cm
Includes: Heavy duty hanger for adjustment of the Starlight reflector.
Warranty: 1 year on the technical componets


Micro cloner,…. growing mother plants and cloning

Growing mother plants and cloning has never been so easy until now.
The Micro cloner is a 2 in 1 grow cabinet, ready for use. The cabinet consists out of two compartments each with there own lighting system.
In the bottom half of the cabinet is room for growing a mother plant. The lighting system for this compartment is the Prima Klima Starlight reflector using 2 x 55Watt PL lamps.
The clones that you cut from the mother plant can be placed in the propagator to root in the upper compartment. The lighting system for the upper compartment consists of two Holight 14Watt T5 neon lamps.

The extractor fan and carbon filter are mounted to the ceiling of the upper compartment. Cool fresh air is drawn into the lower compartment through two G-tools air inlets. Via air vents the air from the bottom compartment is drawn into the top compartment and extracted through a filter out of the ceiling of the cabinet.
In this way you have a continuous removal of warm air and continuous supply of fresh CO2 rich air.
The heat given off by the Starlight reflector in the mother plant compartment heats the upper compartment with the clones. This will help speed up the rooting process of your clones.

Totally independant

By growing mother plants and cloning in the Micro cloner you will not have to depend on anybody anymore and you will have the whole growing process under control. In the Micro cloner you can grow your favourite variety from seed and start growing mother plants and cloning them for a long time.

Weight50 kg
Dimensions68 x 48 x 160 cm
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