G-Leds 280


Real power: 180 Watt
LED power: 280 Watt
Ideal surface area flowering: 100 x  80cm
3 light settings: 1 and  2 (white and blue) for rooting and growth, 3 (red) for flowering
Blue: 450 and 460nm
Red: 630 and 660nm
White: 3500K


G-LEDS full-spectrum led grow light

The G-LEDS “full spectrum led grow light” is composed of Cree and Osram 3 and 5 watt led diodes.
Both Cree and Osram belong to the the worlds best producers of horticultural led lighting. Cree and Osram LED diodes are characterized by their high photosynthetic efficiency. So production of a lot of for the plant absorbable light (PAR light).

Height G-LED / PlantPAR
30 cm1186100.300
40 cm116476,000
60 cm62841.700
90 cm30320.300
150 cm1117280

The advised distance between G-LEDS lamp and plant is 30-60cm

Extremely quiet

The leds are built into an extra-large aluminum heat sink, equipped with cooling fins. The extra cooling capacity which is created makes the use of large cooling ventilators unnecessary. The G-LEDS have relatively small cooling fans which makes the lamp one of the quietest actively cooled led lamps (35 dB).
The panel with the leds is mounted in a powder-coated steel casing which gives the lamp a very solid and robust appearance.

Efficient and safe

G-LEDs is the product of testing and experimenting for years. With the obtained knowledge  we have created the ideal full spectrum led grow light. The adjustable light spectrum of the light is specially formulated to get the optimum output from your plant. Both during the growth and the flowering stage.
With simple switches you can add more blue, white or red light to the spectrum. Depending on the life cycle of the plant, growth or flowering.
This makes the G-LEDS a full spectrum led grow light, a lamp suitable for growing and flowering.
G-LEDS have CE and RoHS certification and a dust- and splash-proof housing.


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